Bend Roots

Great news for fans and bands of The Bend Roots Revival: Our good friends at The Deschutes Brewery have agreed to host this year’s event (September 26th-28th) down on the field below their production facility across from The Old Mill. Deschutes is also on-board as our exclusive beer sponsor, and very interested in helping us raise money for performing arts education in Bend (in conjunction with our 501(c)3 partner Rise Up International).

Our friend & Bend Roots advocate Matt Korish (Pakit Liquidators) initiated discussions with The Armory (as our evening indoor venue & for daytime workshops during the festival), and with the Art Station–for use of their yard for the Casey’s Corner and Ramblerland stages. Thanks much to Angela Jasus and Deschutes Brewery for seeing the value of Bend Roots to our community, and our larger mission of furthering arts outreach in Central Oregon. Thanks also to Marney Smith and the Old Mill for encouraging this local celebration of performing arts, and welcoming us to the neighborhood!

This new space and our partnership with Deschutes and the Old Mill is exciting on many levels. First off, we will have the best beer in town and it is unlikely that we will run out–given our proximity to the brewery and warehouse! Secondly, there is plenty of parking, ADA access, and a precedent of loud music in the area which does not get shut down by the police. Sound output from all of our PA equipment for all of our stages combined will not come close to matching the number of decibels Dave Mathews, Ringo Star, Steely Dan, and Spearhead are are hitting us with this summer.

Finally, we now have a central location with easy foot and bike access, by the river, in the most amazing little city in the USA; as well as a strong connection to a core old-school Bend vibe which is the Deschutes Brewery: BRAVELY DONE indeed!

2014 Line Up… FIRST DRAFT!   THIS WILL CHANGE A BIT over the course of the next month, so stay tuned, and thanks all for you patience and understanding during the scheduling process. All Bend Roots’ events are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

… hosted by GoodLife Brewing and The Volcanic Theater Pub (CENTURY CENTER)


6-6:45 Mai, Dave & Friends
7-8 Redwood Son
8:15- 9:30 The BEND, OREGON ACOUSTIC REVIEW (featuring members of Moon Mountain Ramblers, The Mostest, Elektrapod and others TBA!)


8-8:45 TBA
9-10 TBA
10:30-12:30 Patchy Sanders

The 2014 Bend Roots Revival
(to be held DOWN BY THE RIVER below the Deschutes Brewery on The Field, in the Art Station Yard and @ The Bill Healy Armory)


Friday 9/26

5:30-6:30 Brooks Robertson
7-8 Downhill Ryder
8:30 to 10 World’s Finest

Saturday 9/27

11:15-12:15 Phil Page
1-1:45 Riley’s Range Benders
2:30-3:15 Blackstrap
4-4:45 The Rum & The Sea
5:30-6:15 The JZ Band
7-8 Wilderness
8:30-10 Hobbs the Band

Sunday 9/28

11:30-12:15 Sean McGowan
1-1:45 Westside Village Roots Rock Band
1:45-2:15 (ON THE GRASS in front of stage) High Desert Martial Arts Demo Team
2:30-3:15 Hilst & Coffey
4-4:45 John Shipe
5:30-6:15 Tone Red
7-7:15 ROOTS Interlude w/MOWO
7:15-8:45 Elektrapod


Friday 9/26

6:30-7 Leif James
8-8:30 Harley Bourbon

Saturday 9/27

12:15-1 TBA
1:45-2:30 Wild Rye
3:15-4 Jazz Bros.
4:45-5:30 Rich Hurdle
6:15 to 7 Familiar Souls
8-8:30 David Bowers

Sunday 9/28

12:15-1 Popcorn
1:45-2:30 Lemon Lemon Cherry
3:15-4  Tumbleweed Peep Show
4:45-5:30 Parlour
6:15-7 Wil Kinky Trio


Friday 9/26

6:30-7 Buck n the Digs
8-8:30 Johnny Nash

Saturday 9/27

12:15-1 Bend Ukulele Group
1:45-2:30 James Patterson
3:15-4 Juniper & Gin
4:45-5:30 All You All
6:15 to 7 Isles
8 to 8:30 Avery James

Sunday 9/28

12-1 String Theory Students
1:45-2:30 The Swing Letters
3:15-4  Dyslexic Prophets
4:45-5:30 Travis Ehrenstrom
6:15-7 Second Hand Soldiers


Friday 9/26

5:30-6:30  Noah Connor
7-8  Moon Mountain Ramblers

Saturday 9/27

11-12:15 TBA
1-1:45  Canaan Canaan
2:30-3:15  Just Us
4-4:45  Voodoo Highway
5:30-6:15  Fe Fanyi
7-8 Ubuntu

Sunday 9/28

11-12 The Gospel According to Mark & Pat
1-1:45  La Jeder
2:30-3:15  Carl Solomon
4-4:45  Sweet Harlots
5:30-6:15 Franchot Tone


Friday 9/26

10-11 Mexican Gunfight (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
11-11:30 GBOTS and The Journeymen (REDBIRD STAGE)
11:30-1 Mark Ransom & The Mostest (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)

Saturday 9/27

4-4:45 Love’s Dream Come True (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
4:45-5:30 Smallcano (REDBIRD STAGE)
5:30-6:15 Strive Roots (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
6:15-7 Allen Byer Project (REDBIRD STAGE)
7-7:45 The Sweat Band (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)

10-11 Jive Coulis  (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
11-11:30 Gainon & Friends (REDBIRD STAGE)
11:30-1 Blue Lotus (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)

1-3:30AM Saturday Night Armory Dance Party TBA

Sunday 9/28

4-4:45 Troupe Carnival (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
5:30-6:15 FX Blues Band (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)
6:15-7 Kylan Johnson (REDBIRD STAGE)
8:30-10:30 Rising Tide (FOUR PEAKS STAGE)

Stay tuned for upcoming Roots/Rise Up community arts workshops and for updates on the upcoming festival. Follow us on Facebook. 

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